Carnevale di Viareggio

Is a colorful parade of floats and masks, usually made of paper-pulp, depicting caricatures of popular people, such as politicians, showmen and sportsmen


february / march Viareggio

A nice town on the West coast 1 hour drive from the farm (highway A11)

“Sagra delle frittelle”

Rice pancakes feast , a traditional feast to celebrate father’s day


march Montefioralle

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Scoppio del carro

a cart is packed with fireworks and set on fire. The tradition dates back over 350 years and a successful explosion is believed to guarantee a goodyear ahead.


Easter Florence, piazza del Duomo

Antiques’ market

If you like antique furniture and you are passionate with grandma’s dusty things this market is for you !


The day after Easter known as Pasquetta

 (literally: little Easter)

Greve in Chianti main square

Medieval Carnival

A carnival where people are dressed up in Medieval costumes and Mediaeval games are organized


March, San Casciano

Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato

Every year, here you can admire the works of the ancient Florence workshops, as well as hand-crafted  produce from the Italian regions and the countries of the whole world. – See more at:


April 24rd – May 1st Florence, Fortezza da Basso   

“Festa della Stagion Bona”

Medieval market and parade

April 25th Panzano, Chianti




April25th Pelago

Ethic Street Festival

A festival where you can enjoy vegan food strictly and a lot of music


April Montevarchi, via Roma

Iris garden

Every year in May you can admire and smell the beautiful iris flowers in a garden overlooking Florence. Don’t miss it!

May Florence, piazzale Michelangelo



Spring fair in Figline Valdarno , flower market, street food and more


May Figline, main square

Animal fair

Would you like to see the beautiful Tuscan cows “Chianina” used to work in the fields ? They will be showed at the fair with many more farmers’ animals.

May Rignano sull’Arno


Maggiolata Lucignanese

Lucignano 25 km southwest of Arezzo, is colored and scented with flowers of the Maggiolata, a festival which commemorates the ancient rural celebrations for the arrival of Summer. The four districts of the village every year build floats entirely covered with flowers that parade through the streets of the town accompanied by farm carts and folk groups.



May Lucignano, Arezzo

Luminara and San Ranieri historical regatta in Pisa

held  along Pisa’s lungarni (riverside streets). On this occasion there are special illuminations on the eve of the patron saint’s day, and over 120,000 wax candles are placed in glass cups and hung from wooden frames (known as ‘biancheria’). There is also a firework display at night.Next day, there is a regatta race on the Arno between four boats representing Pisa’s four historical quarters.



June 16th   June 18th Pisa, Lungarni


La Giostra del Saracino

(Joust of Saracens)

Originated during the Middle Ages, it was revived in its actual form in 1931. Every “quartieri”- city’s neighborhood – has a team of knights armed with lances who try jousting the “Buratto Re delle Indie”, a wooden effigy representing a Saracen warrior. The knights’ aim is to hit it without being belted by the “mazzafrusto”, three heavy leather balls on the other Buratto’s hand.

penultimate Saturday in June at night and on the first Sunday in September in the afternoon. Arezzo

Palio di Siena

Ten horses and riders, bareback and dressed in the appropriate colours, represent the  contrade, or city wards. A pageant, the Corteo Storico, precedes the race. The winning team celebrates with dinners held in the streets of the “contrada” (district).


July 2nd  and August 16th Siena, Piazza del Campo

Monteriggioni Medieval Festival

is one of the best costume festivals in Italy: there are people dressed in historical costumes, plus the chance to watch a tournament between 13th-century knights, a battle with piker men, halberdiers, infantrymen and harquebusiers.

July Monteriggioni

On the road to go to Siena don’t miss a visit!

Sagra della Ribollita

In a small mountain hamlet over Loro Ciuffenna you can taste the delicious and traditional soup “Ribollita” cooked by the women of the village with other typical local goodies.

3rd weekend of July S. Clemente in Valle


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La Giostra dell’Orso

The Joust of the Bear it is a modern twist on the ancient, traditional palio race, i.e. a re-enactment of the medieval jousting tournament.

July 25th Pistoia, piazza Duomo

Festa Medievale

Very beautiful Medieval festival in a very small village 40 km from the farm. Don’t miss it!

During three days the streets of the little village are filled with acting companies, jugglers, fools and musicians.

You will be surrounded by nobles and knights, visit the military camp and the ancient tower of the Castle, see war machines. An enchanted atmosphere, a journey through History.

July Laterina

Volterra AD:

jump back to medieval times! Knights and horses, noble ladies and gentlemen, minstrels and peasants, archers and flag flyers in medieval costumes make you feel like being in the 14th century.

Every 3rd and 4th Sunday of August Volterra

Festa della Contea:

a Reinassance feast with  music, banquets and many events

3rd weekend of August Pitigliano
Bravìo delle botti in Montepulciano traditional competition that sees the eight districts compete while rolling 80 kg barrels up a 1800 meter hill. Two men called “pushers” who wind through the historic centre until they get to the finish line on the Duomo steps in Piazza Grande push the barrels. The last Sunday of August Montepulciano

La festa della Rificolona

is one of the most ancient Florentine traditions. Is a kids parade carrying colourful paper lanterns.

Septemebr 7th Florence, from Piazza Santa Croce to the Piazza Santissima Annunziata

Palio delle Balestra in Sansepolcro

It is the historical competition takes place between the crossbowmen of Sansepolcro and their eternal friends/enemies in Gubbio . The competition – in Medieval costumes- requires ability and cold blood to hit the bull’s-eye of the target with these antique weapons from a distance of 36 mt.

second Sunday in September  Sansepolcro, Arezzo Piazza Torre di Berta

Historic “Gioco del Pozzo” in Montevarchi

in the framework of Festa del Perdono (Feast of Forgiveness) The game originated with the need to determine who had priority among the four gonfalons of the historic city to draw water during the dry months. The game itself consists of each team trying to hit the bull’s-eye in the centre of the well.

Every year, on the first Sunday in September Montevarchi Arezzo Piazza Varchi



Autumn fair in Figline Valdarno , flower market, street food and more

Second weekend of november Figline Valdarno