Poderaccio farm is located between Valdarno Superiore and Chianti .

Chianti  is famous  for  its vineyards and wine tastings in old castles …but… Valdarno Superiore  what does it offer to a visitor?!

It is a territory less known nevertheless very rich of incredible surprises made of old Medieval hamlets, amazing natural sites and historical monuments .

Driving or (e) biking e along the Setteponti road can be an experience to live a different Tuscany, out of the crowds, far from the touristy restaurants .

Setteponti road is the old Cassia Vetus that brought  pilgrims to Rome . On this road you can find old churches of extraordinary beauty like  Pieve di Gropina – National monument – or you can walk around the “Balze” the typical cliffs painted by Leonardo behind his Gioconda.

If you are more  adventurous you can explore the mountain hamlets over the small town of  Loro Ciuffenna , where you can find pure genuine food , clean rivers where to swim and hard trekkings to reach the top of Pratomagno mountain – 1592 mt above the sea level.

Come and see Tuscany out of the beaten track!