The Idea

Taking care of a piece of land is for me an act of love for all that surrounds me: soil, water, plants, animals, people. It sums up everything I’ve ever been looking for in my life up until today and at the same time it represents the essentiality . I travelled the world and now that I’ve finally taken root, I would like the world come here to enjoy the comfort that the contact with the nature inevitably brings sharing an extraordinary luxury: enjoying the simple things in life. The forceful call of the land involves physical and mental work but, at the same time , in the evening, when I lie down with legs and back aching, it gives me a sense of harmony and contentment .

Francesca Bellacci

Poderaccio is dedicated to my mother Luisa who would never have lived in the country but who loved nature, to my sister, beautiful woman mediator in my family conflicts, to Pietro and Niccolò, my guardian angels, to my father,  the real farmer, to my daughter Stella hoping she can live happy there. Thanks to my brother in law skeptical but helpful and finally an appassionate thanks to Francesco, my love with whom I share all the fatigue, the satisfaction, the happiness and pain given by life.  Without them, anything would be possible. A big tribute to Mother Earth.