The Team







I heard the call of the land, I put into the soil my hands and since then I can’t stop doing it.
Running an organic farm saved me and is my small contribution to make the world a better place . At Poderaccio farm I take care of guests like part of my family, cooking, gardening pruning and harvesting all the 700 olive trees in the property . I am very proud of them , they are also part of my famiy !
My profession is surveyor but my passion is forestry . At Poderaccio farm I take care of the woods, of the soil working, and the maintenance of the buildings and of the agicultural machines: critical points in the management of a farmhouse . Today you would say I am a multitasking woman , eclectic and versatile . At Poderaccio farm I take care of the food productions , bread making , booking and apartments . If there is a problem I solve it with patience, brains and serenity.




I love Mother Nature.
Only in the woods I find my very essence.
Nothing is impossible.