The Old Stone House



It is a 18th century stone farmhouse, restored between 2011 and 2012 in a conservative way by renovating the original architectural details. We were inspired by two criteria: creative reuse of old materials and use of new local eco-friendly materials. The house is located in the center of the farm on a hill overlooking the Arno valley in front of the Appennino mountains and the Chianti slopes in the background. From the ancient farmhouse 4 apartments have been made, each with private entrance, kitchen and wireless connection.  The ground floor apartments also have an outdoor cooking area.

The house has a simple, rustic but elegant style, furniture comes from the family and from the local antiques markets . The walls have lime paint  that is a 100% ecologically and sustainably-produced natural paint, composed of hydrated quicklime and natural pigments. The floors have locally handmade  terracotta tiles treated with natural wax. In the kitchens you will find old marble sinks and copper tubes.