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Sound healing bath at #Poderaccio #organic #farmhouse, we love to nourish soul and not only the body of our guests with a plant- based cooking..
#relax #tuscancountryside #soul
This is for you, my dear guests . You loved my sunflowers in the veg garden and I want to recall your memories of #Poderaccio #organic #farmhouse
We think of you and hope you are all fine.
Un dono per ...
Taccole mangiatutto : primo raccolto dell'anno. Per raccoglierle bisogna stare accovacciati ed esplorare nel fogliame , lavoro faticoso come del resto mantenerle pulite dall'erba. Pensateci quando le comprate!
Our 2020 first harvest if green beans. The harvest is done by ...
Our garden is full of yummy and healthy veggies. A lot of work but a great satisfaction. This is real (green) economy !
#foodforchange #Poderaccio #organic #farmhouse #eatlocal #eatorganic
Con il vostro nucleo familiare potete organizzare il compleanno al #Poderaccio #organic #farmhouse nel rispetto del protocollo Covid.
Grazie A Vittoria, che ha festeggiato quj con noi al Poderaccio il suo compleanno .
Thank you Vittoria for celebrating at #Poderaccio #organic #farmhouse your birthday, we love you! ❤
Our olives are blossoming, bees are happy, busy and full of pollin !
Wonderful June in #tuscany.
#Poderaccio #organic #farmhouse #olive #bee #extravirginity
This year we have a bigger and a wonderful veg garden ... we do believe that a healthy diet with lots of veggies makes our immunitary system stronger. Now it's more important than ever!
Love ❤ is in the air : "lillà" - #lilac - in this period , gives generously an amazing scent to the air at #Poderaccio #organic #farmhouse
Every year we are surprised of the beauty of these old roses. Nature is amazing.
#banxiarose #countrylife #tuscany #Poderaccio #organic #farmhouse
New artichokes in the veg garden , we are now busy preparing summer crops.
Life goes on , spring is here, agriculture never stops.
I stop pruning when I find a Nature's jewel like this ... nature is amazing .
We love our birds . If you are a birdwatcher at #poderaccio #organic #farmhouse you will have a lot of fun!
Poderaccio tailor made tour Poderaccio is not only eco-friendly accommodation ....try our full week activity experience : fresh pasta cooking class, sourdough bread and pizza making, olive oil tasting, car tour to Chianti or Val d'Orcia, trekking on beautiful mountains , truffle hunting, night ...
Le meraviglie dell'aglio I lavori di gennaio nellorto: messa a dimora dei bulbi di aglio al #poderaccio #farmhouse #organicfarm
Olive pressing 2016 at frantoio I Bonsi How our organic olives are transformed in extra virgin olive oil.
Leaves are first taken off, then olives are washed and smashed. The pulp goes in the "gramola" where at low temperature is worked in order to make flavour spread.

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Azienda Agricola Poderaccio

Bioagriturismo di Bellacci Francesca

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