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An educational farm is the ideal environment to allow the child to establish “true” contact with nature and the agricultural world. Today even the youngest children know what a cell phone or computer is but they have a lot of difficulty associating the original products with their final shape after the transformation. Spending a day in the countryside, lying on the grass, collecting flowers and leaves, seeing bees at work, sowing or transplanting seedlings in the vegetable garden, picking vegetables in the field or making cheese with their own hands, are experiences unknown to most children but capable of arousing strong emotions that help develop greater respect for environment and the territory and to learn the fundamental principles of a healthy and correct diet.

In agriculture the concept is alive that the life of plants and living beings is made from a time to be born, a time to grow and a time to die. Agriculture teaches that you can’t have everything right away but that waiting for events and things is the essence of life, therefore it makes children recover the concept of seasonality making them consumers aware that every season has its products, a completely concept deleted from advertisements and proposals from the commercial networks that offer us the same foods throughout the year.

It is precisely the farmer, who lives the peasant reality daily, the most suitable figure to transmit love for the land and at the same time stimulate the curiosity of children


Here are our proposals

A walk in the woods

Objective : To learn about trees, to know them visually; then learn all the varieties, the characteristics and the life path of the same (from the bud to the flower or the leaf and the fruit).

The experience : takes place directly in the woods where, in addition to knowing the plants closely through the senses, the schoolchildren can collect the leaves and then catalog them.

Recommended period : autumn

From milk to cheese

Objective : to know milk and its processed products, to learn about the varieties and types, to introduce the concept of seasoning.

The experience : in collaboration with Az. Agr.La Torraccia, takes place in the premises of the Poderaccio and consists of a didactic part which explains the milk, its nature, the various types (sheep , bovine etc) until its transformation into various cheeses. We then move on to the manual part where the pupils can manipulate the curd to make small forms of cheese.

Recommended period : spring

The garden of wonders

Objective : the experience aims to achieve two objectives: to know the food pyramid and approach the garden activities to understand the concept of seasonality.

The experience : takes place in two moments, one at the premises of the company where the food pyramid and its components will be illustrated, a second part directly on the field where, according to the season, the pupils will be able to sow , transplant or harvest vegetables from the garden.

Recommended period : from April to June

The little bees great friends

Objective : to observe bees in their habitat, to understand the importance of this very useful insect and to appreciate the product of their work.

The experience : at the Poderaccio and in collaboration with the Az. Agr. Canonica ai Borri, provides a theoretical part in which, with the help of a didactic hive, children will be able to see the bees at work and will be explained to them the organization of a colony. A walk in the meadows next to the hives follows to observe the area where the bees live and work.

Recommended period : spring-summer

To make the most of the experience and make it accessible to every child, we prefer to welcome small groups of maximum 20-25 people.

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Poderaccio organic farmhouse



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